Frequently asked questions

How is All That Events different from most other Entertainment Companies?

Most clients are looking for something different from the stereotypical DJ. We don't have a one size fits all package for all clients. We listen to you and your needs and create playlists that create the atmosphere you are looking for and match your vision for your day. Clients typically want something other than what they have seen and heard at other events. They want a professional who cares about mixing great music to enhance the atmosphere of an event rather than having a "DJ personality" dominate it with excessive talking, cliches, overplayed songs, over the top and other cheesy antics. One on one meetings, allow you to provide detailed input regarding your preferences and create a personalized format that guests will find a refreshing change from the run of the mill DJ routine.

Who would be our DJ? Do you have backup DJs?

​We currently have three dedicated DJ's on permanent availability with All That Events and four alternates and backups available. Unlike other DJ companies who "Bait & Switch" (where you meet with one DJ and then someone you have never met shows up to perform your event), you meet with your personal DJ at least once before your event. There is over 50 years combined DJ experience between DJ-Zeke and the team at All That Music! Put that experience to work for you today!

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a 10% discount to current members or veterans of the US military, member of a public law enforcement or firefighter organization. The discount will only apply if the person is a bride, groom, parent of bride/groom or person the event is being held in honor of (birthday, anniversary, welcome home party, etc). This discount is not combinable with any other discount offers. We have certain venues we are affiliated with that we offer a 10% discount with. Please let us know your venue when requesting information, so we can reference any discount applicable on your quoteWe offer a 10% BFF discount. Getting married in the same year as your BFF? If you both book All That Music as your DJ service, you each get 10% off.We offer a 5% discount for events paid in full at the time of booking (does not apply to events booked less than 90 days from event date).

Are you insured?

​Yes, we are fully insured with over $1 million of professional liability insurance and workers comp insurance for our DJ's through Travelers Insurance.

Do you belong to any Professional Organizations?

​Yes, we belong to NASEP (Nat’l Alliance of Special Event Planners). and the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) and Boston's Wedding Creators Group.

Do you hold dates? What is your Booking & Payment Process?

​We only hold dates with a contract and deposit. We require a 20% deposit to secure the event date. The balance is due 30 days before the event date. If you book your event less than 30 days prior to your event 100% non-refundable deposit is required. All deposits, pre-payments and service fees are non-refundable but are 100% applicable to an alternate event with an available date.

Do you offer Demos or videos?

​We do not provide videos or demos. In our service area we have one the widest varieties of music, cultures and social/economic diversities of anywhere else in the country. In one weekend we could be doing a downtown Miami wedding heavy on Latin music, a country club wedding that loves Jazz or a Naples wedding that loves country music. If we portrayed any of those in a video it would appeal to a certain percentage of our potential clients and be a complete turn off to others. Being a full service DJ company means the DJ's have to meld themselves to the client’s likes/dislikes, vision for their event, venue setting and mood of the guests as the event is occurring. To a novice that may seem like an impossible task but as professional DJ's, they perform thousands of weddings over the years, they learn to hone the necessary skills to get even the toughest crowds, settings and presumptions to come together into a wonderfully orchestrated celebration. Our reputation speaks to this ability.

Can we attend an upcoming event so we can see your DJ "in action" ?

​ As with promotional DVDs and videos, the wedding you’d be
observing will most likely be nothing like your own, and you’re highly
unlikely to learn anything significant just by watching for a few minutes.
Even more important to consider, however, is the message this tactic sends
about a company’s priorities and values. If they’re willing to use someone
else’s private event as a sales platform, what does that say about their
focus on a couple’s wedding day? It’s also extremely disrespectful of the
couple’s privacy and of their right to have their DJ 100% committed to their
satisfaction and the success of their event.

Do you assign events to outside companies or contractors?

​When you book with all That Events your event stays within our company and staff. We would never sell or assign your event to another company. An emergency situation (accident, severe illness, etc) is the only time an outside contractor or agency would be utilized. As in our contract that outside contractor or agency would be of comparable quality and experience to the personnel already contracted for your date. Please note to date we have never had to utilize this backup plan. We have performed in everything from blizzards and hurricanes and this option would only be utilized in a true emergency situation.

What is your event planning process? Do we have input into the music selection?

​Sheila is your event concierge and will walk you through your entire event process from booking to planning to day of coordination. She will send you a planning e-mail 4-6 weeks out from your date with balance due, planning forms and other information needed for lighting, photo booth and other services. She will also coordinate any contracted outside services such as wedding planning, flowers, photography, etc that is booked through All That Events directly. From that planning e-mail dates are suggested for your initial planning meeting that typically lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. Then there is another final planning meeting that usually takes place the Monday or Tuesday evening before your event and typically lasts 20-30 minutes. In between those meetings and up until the day of your event, there is always continual on-call support via e-mail and phone as needed. For music: it is our goal for the music selections to match your personal style, tastes and most importantly your vision for your event. We are not interested in grinding out cookie-cutter events. We value your opinion and input. We also help coordinate your celebration whether you know nothing about music and need help and suggestions in all areas or are a music professional and have precise selections for each piece of your event.